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VIDEO: Birds Given A 2nd Chance

Seaside Sanctury, bird rescue and rehab service, released 8 birds from Riviera Bay and Coffee Pot Bayou from it's beachside facility Tuesday January 31. Seaside says the birds might have been poisoned when they ate fish exposed to some unknown toxin released into Riviera Bay and Coffee Pot Bayou. The sanctury veternarian says the birds showed symptoms ranging from lethargy, distended abdomens to swollen/dry eyes, curled toes, and in some cases loss of feathers.

Total: 34 total birds admitted

  • 32 Pelicans

  • 1 Great White Egret

  • 1 Cormorant

  • Rescues from 3 locations

  • 23 birds from Riviera Bay Lake, St. Petersburg

  • 10 birds from Coffee Pot Bayou, St. Petersburg

  • 1 bird from unknown location

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